Pizza & Breadstick Pans

Customize your pizza and breadstick pans to be perfectly suited for your baking operation. Choose from options including size, material, coating type, and more!

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We offer a wide selection of stock baking pans that are ready to ship. Like our custom pans, you can count on our brilliant quality and unparalleled service.​



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Custom Breadstick Pans

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Custom Industrial System Pans

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Custom Single Pizza Pans

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Commercial Pizza Pans for Your Business

Choose custom pizza pans and breadstick pans to create products that are unique to your business! American Pan manufactures custom pans to fit any operation or pizza style including:

Thin crust pizza pans
Deep dish pizza pans
Breadstick pans
Square or rectangular pizza pans
Personal size pans
Custom shapes and sizes

Pans are engineered to provide unparalleled stacking and release abilities.

Need pizza pans fast? Check out our stock pizza pans from Chicago Metallic.

Reduce Oil Use Without Worrying About Sticking

All pizza and breadstick pans can be coated with one of our proprietary, industry-leading coatings for exceptional release.