Baguette Pans

Discover the ideal baguette pans tailored to your specific requirements. At American Pan, we craft a diverse array of baguette pans and fluted trays, available in a wide range of styles and sizes. If you don’t see the style that suits your needs, reach out for a personalized pan quote, where we can explore custom options for your unique needs.

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We offer a wide selection of stock baking pans that are ready to ship. Like our custom pans, you can count on our brilliant quality and unparalleled service.​



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Custom Rack Oven Pans

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Custom TabLock Baking Screens

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Custom Baguette Fluted Trays

Trust American Pan with your bakery’s custom baguette, artisan loaf, artisan roll, filet, or French bread trays.

We offer an extensive tray range to meet a wide array of needs, from bakers with rack ovens to industrial bakeries with large, automated baking systems. Get completely custom pans, sized per application, and constructed of stainless steel, aluminized steel, or aluminum, flat or in any flute size, with or without perforations.

Features & Design Options:

  • Stacking frame
  • Completely enclosed frames
  • Formed moulds for artisan rolls
  • Large format pans for industrial systems
  • TabLock baking screens
  • Multiple coating options
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TabLock Baking Screens from American Pan

TabLock Baking Screens feature a proprietary attachment system that makes screen replacement easy and economical, and the high-strength steel frame features an interlocking rib design that allows trays to stack while protecting the baking screen. These screens feature a sanitary design: no rivets, no drills, and no metal shavings. Convenient tools allow for fast, easy screen replacement with no need to ship to a service center for replacement.