Pan Coatings & Refurbishment

The prolonged life and optimal performance of pans coated and processed by our companies help control costs and improve the competitiveness of your operation.

American Pan coats, cleans, straightens, and recoats millions of pans every year.

Our bakeware coatings deliver superior quality and prioritize safety. All bakeware coatings are certified safe for food contact per FDA regulations.

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AMERICOAT® Pan Coating

Get up to 30% more releases with AMERICOAT® than other silicone glazes.

Our silicone glaze coating is used for virtually any product and can significantly reduce the amount of oil needed for your baking process.

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DuraShield® Pan Coating

DuraShield® delivers more releases than all other competitors worldwide.

Our coatings provide the longest lasting release life and the best release characteristics for baked goods from buns and rolls to breads and cakes. Recoating of DuraShield coated pans is offered in Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Spain, UK, and USA.

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Get 3 to 4 times longer life than with standard silicone glazes with FlexiCoat.

Our rubberized silicone coating is a popular choice for coating baguette pans, baking screens, and other perforated trays to provide specific baking characteristics and results. Rubberized silicone lasts three to four times longer than standard silicone glazes, giving 800 to 1,500 bake cycles. Recoating of FlexiCoat coated pans is offered in Brazil and Spain.

OptiShield® Pan Coating

Our OptiShield® fluoropolymer coatings have been developed to provide a solution for conditions where a standard coating will not perform.

We offer multiple OptiShield formulas to meet the specific challenges of various products or production processes.

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RilonElast Pan Coating

Achieve 800 to 2,000 bakes before recoating is needed with RilonElast.

RilonElast rubberized silicone coating is used on a variety of tins or trays and is formulated to provide easy release of a wide range of baked goods.

RilonHard Pan Coating

Acheive 600 to 1,500 bakes before recoating.

RilonHard silicone resin coating is primarily used on tins or trays used for baking sweet doughs.



A Pan Service Plan allows baking operations to extend pan life, reduce scrap, and stay on budget. You will have the benefit of working with a dedicated Bundy sales representative to create a plan that will provide your operation with a continuous supply of high performing bakeware and coatings, resulting in optimal operational efficiency and product quality.

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