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Life Cycle


Our Life Cycle Management Program was created to provide customers with a rotating supply of high performing bakeware and coatings resulting in optimal operational efficiency and product quality.

A Program Tailored to your Products and Operating Schedule

1. Purchase Pans

New pans are purchased for use at your bakery and for rotating supply kept at one of our pan refurbishment facilities. Pans can be purchased from one of our stock catalogues or be a custom pan.*

2. schedule service

At scheduled times, our dedicated fleet will pick up your used bakeware and drop off pans from your purchased stock.

3. Ready supply

The used pans are brought to our designated facility to be inspected and straightened (optional), cleaned, and recoated so that they are ready to deliver on your next scheduled pick-up date.

Key Benefits

Coatings & Refurbishment

American Pan UK offers these world-class coatings to meet your production needs or preference.

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Life Cycle Management Program

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Life Cycle Management Program