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Hamburger Bun Pans

Moated style pans raise the bun moulds inside of the pan for improved baking or scoring allowing for excellent heat flow around the perimeter buns. They are stronger and more durable than a traditional pan design and can work with a center guide system.

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Special Features

  • Increased Strength

    Sidewall Gussets provide greater strength to the perimeter of the pan.

    Structural Ribs* can be added to pans to increase their strength to enable more pans to be stacked together and thus save bakery floor space. Note that structural ribs may require modification to some pan stacker magnets and are not available on flat tray-style bun pans.

    Flared End Structural Ribs provide the benefits of standard structural ribs but also provide greater strength to the perimeter of the pan like a sidewall gusset.

    Interlocked Strap Design eliminates seams and crevices on the perimeter of the baking surface, greatly enhancing the sanitation and durability of the tray.

    *Patent No: US 6,736,052
  • Material Options

    Our high-strength steel band material is available in 1/4³ round or 1/2³, 5/8³, 11/16³, and 7/8³ bands.

    Seaming Strips are used to lock moulds together when they cannot be made seamlessly in one large panel.

    Ease of Use

    Our bun pans are available in 1³, 2³, or 3³ seamless corners, with 2³ corners as our most popular option. Smooth, seamless corners reduce pan diagonal measurement and ease transfer through the system.

  • Better Baking

    Heat circulating holes allow for more even heat distribution and provide for water drainage (bun pans only).

    Embossed holes are used to allow gases to escape. There are typically one or five holes in mould bottoms.

    Convex mould bottoms minimize cupping, producing a flat bun bottom. They also help to center the dough piece in the mould.

    Quilted mould bottoms improve heat dissipation, simulate a hearth baked bun bottom, and add strength to the bottom of the cup.

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Hamburger Bun Pans


Hamburger Bun Pans

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Hamburger Bun Pans