Pan Tracking® System

The American Pan SMART Pan Tracking® system provides bakeries with valuable, precise data to monitor pan coating life and line efficiency, allowing continuous improvement.

Monitor Pan Coating Life and Line Efficiency for Continuous Improvement

Smart pans are laser-marked with a unique code that is read by sensors installed on your bakery conveyors which upload activity data for review.

Data at Your Fingertips

Get detailed information on cycles/bakes, pan gaps, coating life, and theoretical yield.

Intuitive Dashboard

Visualize data with charts, graphs, and analytics.


Access convenient, secure vital operational data nearly anywhere, anytime.

Compatible with Existing Equipment

Use the system in virtually any operation and for any pan type.

Optional Features

The SMART Pan Tracking® system can be configured to your bakery’s specific needs:


Dual Tags

Pans can feature single or dual tags for optimal performance for your specific conveyor configuration.

Multiple-Line Data

Data from multiple lines can route to a single PLC.

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SMART Pan Tracking® System