Continuous Pan Cleaner

The Bundy/FME Continuous Pan Cleaner uses an inversion conveyor to move pans through a multi-stage cleaning process to remove protein washes, seeds, and other loose toppings.

Remove Protein Washes, Seeds, and other Loose Toppings.

Continuous, Inverting Conveyor

Conveyor continuously moves pans through a cleaning process without inverting, all while allowing fine-tuning of the angle, distance, and pressure applied to pans by cleaning brushes.

Open Access Design

The cleaning heads are mounted on a swing arm which swings open to provide clear and easy access for changing brushes, maintenance, and sanitation procedures.

Multi-stage Cleaning

This includes four different sets of interchangeable, easy-to-change, cleaning heads for a deeper multi-stage cleaning. Additional heads are available for purchase as needed.

Key Features

Multi-Stage Cleaning

Includes three interchangeable cleaning heads for multi-stage cleaning (additional heads available as needed)

Open Access Design

Cleaning heads are mounted on a swing arm fine-tune the distance and pressure applied to pans by cleaning brushes

Quick-Change Brushes

Brushes can be changed in seconds, not hours, eliminating downtime between products

Infeed and Discharge can be low or high elevation allowing cleaner to serve as an inclinging or declining conveyor

Brush Cart

Easily store multiple brushes on a custom cart

High-Speed Operation

Capable of cleaning 50 or more pans a minute

Continuous Motion

Unique, continuous conveyor rotates pans to semi-inverted position for optimal waste removal

Cleaning Head Options

A combination of roller brush, orbital brush, rotary brush, and air knife can be used to clean pans

UL, cUL COmpliant Controls

Pans Will Not Jam

Swing arm mounting and overall open design virtually eliminate possibility of pan jam

Pan Flow & Orientation

Pans can enter from left or right-hand side and can be positioned upright or inverted, allowing for easy stacking upon discharge

Waste Collection

Debri removed from pans is diverted into a collection bin

Operator Interface Controls

Product cleaning head position, speed, and pressure settings are programmable

NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

Optional Features

Additional Cleaning Heads

Add more cleaning heads as needed to ensure thorough cleaning of pans

Duplicate Cleaning Heads

Automatically change over to new brushes in less than 30 seconds for allergen management or preventative maintenance purposes

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FME Continuous Pan Cleaner