Bread Pans/Tins

American Pan® manufactures custom Bread Pans/Tins. All Bread Pans/Tins are constructed of commercial grade materials, fabricated in various sizes and configurations to meet your baking needs, and are coated to your specifications.

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Open Top Bread Pans/Tins


• Standard pan material is 26 gauge aluminized steel or 22 gauge aluminized steel.

Folded end or seamless construction

• Individual pans can be strapped into sets of 3, 4, 5, 6, or any configuration as specified.

• Band strapping welded to individual pans

Tension bow rib on strap ends strengthens strapping, prevents inward bowing on ends and absorbs some corner turn abuse between sets.


Wire spacers between pan rims add strength and are sized to match panning speeds.


• Pans are designed to allow nesting of pan stacks.




Optional Features for Bread Pans/Tins


• Corrugated pan material is available in either 45°, reversed 45°, or 90° on the entire pan bottom and sidewall, within 3/8" from the top of the sidewall or around the bottom perimeter of the pan. Corrugation strengthens the pan rim, sidewalls, and bottoms.

Perfescape/UTI holes or a perforated pan bottom permit the escape of trapped heat and gases, eliminating cupping and providing a more uniform bake.


Bottom strapping prevents bottom abuse and ensures better pan alignment.


Custom strapping design is available for specific equipment or production requirements.


AMERICOAT® Plus silicone coating or DuraShield® dark non-stick coating