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Tech Tips - Pan Stack Heights

One common cause of pan damage is stacking pans too high, which can cause pan damage due to increased weight on bottom pans. Many bakers face challenges concerning pan storage; however, bakers must be careful not to stack pans too high.
Tall pan stacks can cause damage when stacked automatically or manually. During pan off loading, workers tend to throw the warm or hot pans onto tall pan stacks. This can cause significant damage to the pan mould bottoms, sidewalls, and pan coating over time. Tall pan stacks also create worker safety issues when moved on pan trucks. High pan stacks can become unstable and fall or cause a pan truck accident.
A common guide for proper pan stack height is not more than 5 feet / 160 cm. This equates to approximately shoulder height for the average line worker. While this may mean more pan stacks per pan type, the benefits of longer pan and coating life and worker safety will far outweigh any pan storage issues.